How Can I Prevent Android Apps From Accessing My Location

While Android handsets appeal to a large chunk of smartphone users in the market, these smartphones have affected the users’ privacy. Most Android apps seem to ask excessive permissions to access various data on users’ devices. This may also include sensitive information such as users’ contacts, messages, photos, as well as the current location. While you may avoid saving your data on your phone to prevent falling prey to such spying apps, how can you hide your location?

You may think of using a VPN to bluff your location. However, some users complain that using a VPN causes internet to disconnect on their devices. It mainly happens in such a location where using a VPN is entirely blocked. Does that mean you will let the Android bloatware spy your place? Of course not!

In this article, we will give you a quick brief about disabling location tracking for most Android apps quickly.

Limiting Location Tracking For Apps Running On Android 9.0


In the latest Android Pie (9.0), the app settings and location accuracy features appear somewhat different. You can no longer see various modes for location tracking as they look in earlier versions of Android. Instead, you will see a binary on/off option for Location Accuracy. Turning off this option will only leave GPS for monitoring your location, whereas, WiFi+, mobile network, and other features for location precision will be disabled. This appears somewhat similar to the earlier “Device Only” mode where only GPS used to work for location monitoring.

Stopping Location Tracking For Apps Running On Android 6.0 to 8.0

From Android Marshmallow to Oreo, users can choose different modes for location tracking. These include the “High-accuracy” mode that uses all available services for location precision, the “Battery Saving” mode that excludes GPS, and the “Device only” mode that turns off all other features and only leverages GPS for location monitoring. Selecting the last mode will eventually prevent all Android apps from tracking your location.

Preventing Android Apps Running On Android 4.3 – 5.1 From Location Tracking

The older, but still in use Android versions have somewhat similar settings for location. With a single toggle switch, you can turn on or off the permissions for location tracking for all apps. Whereas, upon further tapping the “Location” tab, you will come across the three different modes for determining your location.

Besides manual settings, you can also opt for the specific apps that turn off location tracking for all apps. For instance, you can download AppOps – a free app to monitor app permissions for accessing your location.